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Mission & Vision

Rajputana Websolution business customers in order to provide adequate solutions to their Internet marketing needs. In addition, Rajputana Websolution cooperates with activities in fields related to a common mailbox service. Rajputana Websolution’s  each customer is unique, because they have different objectives. We help determine what is in the best interest of our customers achieve these goals. That’s why we build and redesign the website with a mission of peace customers and target market in mind. We will have time to meet the specific needs of each client, and then recommend the service in accordance with as their needs and budget. This allows us to use different methods to help bring new customers to their website. We also recognize the importance of the brand and helps our customers to maintain consistency between their online marketing, publications and social media marketing. Rajputana Websolution and all employees providing these products and services, while maintaining the highest standards of quality, integrity and exceptional

Customer service in each of the following areas:
Provide high quality, professional services for website development
Rajputana Websolution build their own Web site to meet all the needs of our clients within their budget constraints. To after consultation with the client what needs to be done, our project managers to maintain a constant communication with the customer to ensure that each area of ​​interest is immediately addressed.

Implementation of Web Automation Software
We help customers save time and money by automating tasks traditionally by hand. This type of Automation includes receiving payments, creating customer databases, custom software for customer relationship management, Records databases and specific customer needs. We strive to increase cash flow, customer Which allows for automatic integration and more efficient payment mechanisms of behavior.

Ensuring reliable Website Hosting
Rajputana Websolution provides Compliance Web sites that go beyond hosting the competition. Rajputana Websolution offers a remarkable 99.9% of the time for customers of the parties is always available. Maintain Software updates and user-friendly approach to client management control panel, as well as 24 hours technical support. We did not have Web pages to the server errors in more than three years and our goal is to continue to provide these special services using modern technology and green energy sources available.

Ethics Office Services Domain Name
Rajputana Websolution is a licensed registrar of domain names. We strive to continually provide user-friendly portal our customers to register, transfer and domain extension for up to ten years in time. At a time when many competitors turned to unethical to customers, domain name registration services constantly to keep our business Our policies the best interests of the client in mind. We provide these services on our web site, e-mail, and phone for all customers who want to help with the purchase of new names, names of existing transmission recorder, or make changes to the settings of existing domains.

Search Engine Marketing and Optimization
Rajputana Websolution will try to educate customers about the importance of using ethical methods for maintaining a high level Visibility in Google, Yahoo and other search engines. In addition, we continue with a practical approach to explanation of the different options for each client to ensure optimum appropriate to their needs and marketing budget.

Rajputana Websolution of work with clients in implementing our recommendations to ensure that we focus on the target market, which is probably the most apt and increase revenue for our customers.

Protection of proprietary information and web content
Rajputana Websolution Copyrighting services for our clients’ rights are protected by law. In In addition, we do not use or advocate the use of protected materials, such as content or images. All our customers Copyrighting counseled about the benefits of your website in design and functionality.

Finally, our mission and vision is to exceed the expectations of our customers in all these areas.

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